Joy Afresh


“Abba,” little girl said with joy and even some laughter as she awoke from a dream in which she felt Abba’s love afresh. In little girl’s dream she had been running and playing and swimming, and even surfing in the ocean with Abba.

Abba was standing in the doorway as little girl opened her eyes, realizing she had been dreaming. Abba looked at little girl and his heart overflowed with delight. He loved her so far beyond words or description. He loved his children in a way so few comprehended. As he thought about his little ones, tears began to form in his eyes.

Little girl looked up and saw Abba and realized she had been dreaming. She smiled and jumped out of bed. She ran up to Abba, feeling so much love for him.

“Little girl, how would like to run and play and swim, and maybe even surf in the ocean with me today?” Abba asked her with a glimmer in his eyes. Little girl knew that Abba somehow knew what her dream had been and he also knew what made her heart soar.

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Hidden in Abba

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Abba and little girl walked and talked. They were having a wonderful day together by the sea.

“Abba, can I stay at with you forever? I love your house and I love getting to spend time with you every single day.”

Abba picked little girl up and embraced her. He was moved at her request, “Of course, sweet girl. You are my daughter now and you are always welcome in my home!”

Abba set little girl back down again and took her hand. They continued walking along the ocean shore. As they walked, the waves grew stronger and stronger. Little girl loved this but was also a little bit afraid of the vast expanse of water and the crashing sound as one wave after another came closer.

Little girl held up her arms to Abba. He picked her up again. She laid her head on his shoulder and watched the heavy waters come closer one at a time with a cadence filled with power.

Abba held onto little girl tightly. He knew she was trying to be courageous despite still feeling scared.

In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me;
He shall set me high upon a rock. Psalm 27

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Getting Ready – The Next Step


What could be written about that brings more cheer than Abba’s love for His children. What could bring greater joy than knowing you have a father – a really, really good Father.

Getting Ready – The Next Step

Little girl decided she was ready for the next step on the journey. Abba had invited her, step by step, and they had gone on some adventures.

This adventure was different. This step was new. The journey was steady but this step would prove to be unique and wonderful for little girl.

Abba told little girl to pack all of her swimming gear and her favorite clothes for playing outside. Little girl was so excited at Abba’s instructions.

Little girl couldn’t wait to go swimming – she loved the freedom and lightness she felt as she moved swiftly through the water. She could do so many things in the water she couldn’t do on land.

“What are you thinking about? Your smile is covering your whole face!” Abba said, utterly delighted to see such joy on little girl’s face.

“I love swimming! I remember all the fun times I had swimming in the pool and in the lake. I’m so excited we get to swim!”

“I’m happy that you are happy, little girl. We’re going to have a wonderful time together. I can’t wait to introduce you to the waves and the ocean! This will be something new and different. You will love it!” Abba spoke these words, matching little girl’s excitement and joy with every single word.

“I can’t wait! I love you, Abba,” little girl said as she recalled the pictures she’d seen of the ocean shores and the huge crashing waves.

Abba and little girl would soon be in the midst of a unique and life-changing experience for little girl. Abba knew it. Little girl was just excited to go. She loved adventures with Abba.

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