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Joined with You

I ponder my journey with You
Day by day
You call me nearer, You draw me deeper
You continuously allow me to join in Your heart

In times of trial and challenge,
In times of prosperity,
You ask me if I want to come nearer

You heart is wide open for me to come in to
You ask me to join with You in those places many will not go

As an intercessor
Standing, waiting, believing
How can I not say, “Yes”
How can I not join with You
For You’ve captivated my heart
And You’ve brought me into this love incomprehensible
And You’ve shown me Your desire

So pray,
These things
For Israel
I will do
All of my days
For this is all about You
This is all about Your desire
Persuaded by Your heart
Here I am
I am Yours
Use Me for Yourself,
I am joined together with You,
Together with Israel in this story
Written by Your hand

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