Crashing Waves


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 21: Wave

Little girl tossed and turned. Then she woke up and sat straight up in bed, wondering where she was. Little girl had dreamt about waves all of her life. She loved water and loved the ocean.

Little girl had seen the roar of the stormy seas from before she could articulate what the sea was. She felt great fear and great excitement as she literally felt the the rumble of the waves crashing on the open shore. This feeling she remembered inside and out. It stayed with her.

Little girl woke up having dreamt of the ocean shore and the waves crashing one after another after another. She knew the waves were strong enough and close enough to cause damage but she also knew she would be okay.

With the memory of the seashore in the front of her mind, she looked around her room. She realized that she’d forgotten to ask Abba about the waves and the stormy seas. She decided today would be the day. She was excited to talk with him about this.

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