restore Zion – day 18

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

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Today’s Prompt: Taste

retore Zion

Abba, connect our hearts with Yours today
Related to Your people Israel
And let our prayers reach Your ears
And reach Your heart
That the answers would rain down upon
Israel today

Abba, good Father of Israel
Would You open eyes to see,
Open ears to hear,
and soften hearts to believe
Would You let many taste and see Your great goodness
to them, and to all

Abba, restore Israel’s vision
Let them see
Restore Israel’s soul
Let them believe
Restore Israel’s hope
May this be an hour of hope restored
Great G-d of hope
G-d who restores the brokenhearted

Abba, would You bring redemption to Zion
Would You pour out restoration like rain,
the former and latter rain together
For Zion’s sake
For Jerusalem
That Zion would shine with righteousness
That Jerusalem would burn with salvation

Abba, this is Your desire
Satisfy Your own heart
Bring Israel home to You

Thank You, great G-d of restoration

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