Known by Abba

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“Abba, I love you so much. I want you to come with me everywhere for my whole life,” said little girl with excitement mingled with expectation in her words.

“I’m so glad you feel that way, little girl. I’ll always be with you.” Abba said with joy unspeakable lighting up his countenance.

Little girl and Abba were both overflowing with delight as they thought about one another.

Little girl was overflowing with emotion at her life thus far. She couldn’t believe how Abba cared for her. The past and the challenges that had inundated every fabric of her being were so far from her now. Peace and joy had filled her and become her way of life.

Abba’s heart was nearly melting with tenderness for little girl. He knew today that something had changed and shifted in her. He knew that this was the next step into a new beginning in their walk one with another. He loved loving his children beyond imagination.

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Remembering the victims and all touched by Wednesday night’s terror attack in Tel Aviv, Israel. May the people of Israel know Abba’s heart for them today.
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