The stirrings inside
Moving, waiting, hoping
Tumultuous but calming again
What is coming
What shall come

Expectant I wait
And trust
And hope
And pray
Desperate prayers

That You still see
You still move
And You’re still answering

A light at my feet
Just enough
To take a step
But only one step forward
At a time

You know
Oh God
You know
My hope
And my expectation
I wait for You
The One who knows
Me so well
And loves me so completely


Tears of Surrender


“Abba, what’s happening? Why does it seem like you’ve left? Why can’t I find you?” little girl said in a sad quiet tone. She mostly was talking to herself as she stared at the ground, not seeing the fresh green grass or the caterpillar climbing on the top of the highest blade of grass.

“Little girl, were you talking to me?” Abba asked, the soft gentle tone of his voice bringing a peace to little girl’s heart that she didn’t know she’d lost.

“Abba, you’re here!” little girl exclaimed with surprise, “Where were you? I couldn’t find you.”

“I know, sweet girl. I know. I love you so much and I am right here with you. I never left.”

“Really?” Little girl responded with surprise in her voice. “I couldn’t find you. I thought you had something more important to do. I got so scared.”

As little girl said these words the tears began to flow freely down little girl’s face one by one by one. She couldn’t quite comprehend what had happened and why she was so sad.

“I’ll never leave you, my sweet girl. I’ll never forsake you. Do you believe me?” Abba said as he picked her up and held her close, wiping every single tear away.

Little girl buried her head in Abba’s chest and shook her head in acknowledgment of what he had just asked her. “Yes, Abba, I believe you,” she said not wanting to move her head away from his chest.

Little girl wanted to stay right there forever.

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Hey Little Girl

“Hey little girl,” Abba said as little girl stared up at him with a restless look, waiting to hear what he would say to her.

“Be still. Peace is yours, my sweet girl. You have nothing to fear or worry about. I have it all figured out. I’ll tell you when it’s time. Let’s go on a little walk,” with that Abba turned around and began to walk towards the beautiful hills, taking one large step at a time. He would turn around to make sure little girl was following and she did. She was so close behind him almost stepping on the backs of his heels to keep up with him.

“Little girl, I see your heart. This isn’t too difficult. I have a wonderful plan for you. I know you’ve been waiting all this time and wanting all that I have for you. I know. I understand. I remember the time. I won’t forget about you or leave you behind. Just follow me. I have wonderful things in store for you, wonderful things.”

“Are you sure, Abba?” Little girl said quietly, wondering about what Abba had just said and remembering the difficulties of her earlier years.

“Little girl, come here,” Abba spoke these words and picked her up. He held her tightly in his arms once again. Little’s girls tears came down one after another as she let go and let him show her once again how much he loved her.


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Just Walk


Photo Credit: kristendperkins.wordpress.com

Photo Credit: kristendperkins.wordpress.com

“Come on, sweet girl,” I heard Abba’s soothing voice as He picked me up off the ground, wiping the dust and gravel off of me, “You’ll be okay. Just walk. Just take one step at a time and follow after me. You can do it!”

I was confused at what had happened and why I had been on the ground in the first place. I couldn’t remember what had happened. I felt slightly out of sorts and my eyes seemed to burn just a little but I chose to focus on Abba’s voice.

I chose to listen to him as he encouraged me. He knew what had happened and what was next. He knew exactly what I needed and how to best take care of me. He told me to walk one step at a time and so that I would do.

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Write 31 Days


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Love’s Safety


Little girl was growing up fast. Her time with Abba had marked and changed her heart and her life forever. Abba had loved her in such a profound way. She had always hoped and dreamed this kind of love was available. Her years of life before she came to Abba’s house and was adopted by him had nearly eroded her deep hope of finding acceptance and unconditional love.

Little girl had grown and changed so much in her years with Abba. She was so thankful for him and for his hand of kindness in her life.

Little girl was about to embark on a new challenge with Abba. He had called her to run upon the hills with him, to leave the comfort of just being with him and to go on a new adventure. She trusted Abba but she wondered what it would be like.

Little girl wondered and thought about her next adventure. She got worried and concerned, sad and afraid. The fears and the challenges of the next step in her journey with Abba began to overwhelm her. And sometimes she forgot she was going with Abba. She thought she would be on her own again.

Abba saw little girl sitting on the ground, her head down with a downcast look on her face. He stooped down right next to her and sat on the ground beside her. He lifted her chin, looked in her eyes and spoke straight into her soul. “Little girl, remember, we’re going on this journey together. Don’t forget that I’m the one who asked you to go and I will never leave you alone.”

Tears came to little girl’s eyes as she realized she had almost forgotten that Abba had invited her on this journey and that he was with her and would be with her every step of the way. Little girl jumped up and got in Abba’s lap. She leaned back, closed her eyes and breathed deep again.

“I will set him in the safety for which he yearns.” Psalm 12

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More than You Can Ask, Think or Imagine, Little Girl

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Little girl sat on Abba’s lap overlooking the hills and the distant sea. Despite the reality that Abba had adopted her and that she was sitting with him right now, her heart was gripped with fear again. She had had a dream the night before that reminded her heart of all she had been through in the past. The fears little girl had struggled with and pushed down hard in order to not fall apart took hold of her heart afresh.

Abba knew little girl so well. He comprehended her fears and her struggles. He was filled with compassion for her.

“Little girl,” Abba said as he gained her attention, “do you remember when I came and got you and brought you home?”

“Yes, Abba, I remember,” little girl said timidly.

“Do you remember that day? Do you remember what we talked about and what you shared with me?”

Little girl pondered for a moment, hesitant to respond, “Ummm…do you mean when I couldn’t hardly look in your eyes and I told you that I was fine? When I burst into tears when you picked me up and held me. I cried so hard and I couldn’t stop crying. For some reason I felt safe enough to cry but I was still so afraid…so, so afraid. I thought you would be like all the other fathers and mothers, all the others that said they were my family.”

Tears began to form and fall one by one on little girl’s cheek as she remembered that day and began to feel a mixture of emotions. She remembered the deep fears she had struggled with for such a long time but she also felt the safety and stability Abba’s love had given her.

Little girl’s heart began to feel free again and the sentiments of the past washed away as the tears flowed. These were tears of joy.

Tears flowed down Abba’s cheeks as well as His heart connected with all that was happening in little girl. He was not distant and apprehensive about giving His love away. He was acquainted with little girl’s heart and all of her ways, “I love you, little girl, so, so much! Always remember this. I am always with you. I will always be with you. I will always be your Father.”

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A Heartfelt Prayer

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A Heartfelt Prayer

Abba, you’ve shown me so much kindness. You’ve opened your heart wide to me. You’ve shown me how much I delight your heart and because of this, you delight my heart too. Abba, I find delight in you because you are a good, good father. You’re the only good father. There’s no one like you.

Today I decide to trust you in the challenges and the losses. Today I choose to continue to believe that you will finish the work that you started. Today I lift my heart and I lift my voice to you and confess my utter dependence on you.

I thank you that your desire to bring forth good is far greater than mine. I thank you that you can do this when I have nothing to bring.

In this moment I give you my heart again, I trust you again. No matter what people may do to me, you will not leave me alone.

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