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Higher Vision, His Vision

I begin to take a look,
A little deeper, a little higher
Today than I did yesterday
I see things differently than I did before

That conversation with Abba about His people Israel
Begins to change me inside,
Or at least I become aware of something I did not see before
I begin to see things differently
I begin to contemplate and wonder,
“What if Israel means Israel?”
The people of Israel, the place of Israel

The whole story I’ve understood begins to be upset, to shift, to change
My mindset and worldview begin to bow low at the possibility
that You might just be a little bigger
and a little different than the god I had imagined

Abba, I want to know what’s in Your heart
I want to believe the truth
I want Your living Word
To penetrate my heart and soul
I don’t want doctrines of man
To keep me from revelation
That comes straight from Your heart
I want life from and in You

Awaken my soul
Awaken my heart
Awaken my understanding

I want eyes that see
I want ears that can hear
I want a heart that is willing to be softened, transformed and changed
By You, and You alone

You are my source, my sustenance, my life
Show me what’s true
And let my heart expand to agree with You

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