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A Prayer for this Desert Journey

A Prayer for this Desert Journey

It has been a journey, and I continue
I press on
I ask for revelation from the Spirit of the one G-d,
the only One worthy

As I slow down and wait and hope in this desert place
Would You break in
I must have You
Only You can help me process the things I have seen
The things I have experienced
that which my heart has deeply connected with

You are a good G-d
You are a good Father, a wonderful Abba
Truly, You are good to Israel.

May I comprehend and know even more today
Your hesed, the lovingkindness
that lives within the very essence
of who You are, Abba

May I understand and know You
Awesome Creator of all
Wonderful King of the universe
One who forms and fashions the deepest depths of the oceans
The highest heights of the heavens
The most intimate parts of my being
The immeasurable pieces of my heart

Maker of the universe
Fashion in this heart
Understanding of Your heart
Understanding of Your ways,
Your laws, Your holy desires
That I might comprehend
more of who You are
In this journey of knowing
Deeper places of Your unfathomable heart


Extravagant G-d

I am joining with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:



Have you ever waited on the G-d who is outside of time? This G-d asks me, an impatient child of His who lives inside of days and hours and minutes, to wait. What an idea!

Wait on the Lord and you shall receive strength.

“But G-d, I need Your strength now to wait.”

“How about you wait and I’ll give you strength?”

“But G-d, I need it now. I need You to move now!”

The conversation between daughter and Abba ensues.

The G-d of all creation asks me to wait, and somehow I don’t think His request is enough. What an unimaginative stubborn little one I can be! He asks me to wait so that He can renew my strength. Yet I seem to think my inability to do what He asks is a valid argument to bring to the table with Him, the All-Knowing, completely sufficient, not lacking in anything King of the universe.

I am quite silly sometimes.

Yet His patience and love, and His simple delight in me and with me, because I’m willing to be in the conversation with Him, move Him. My willingness to talk with Him moves His heart. I move the heart of the G-d of all creation. Whaaaaatttt!? This is so awesome and amazing. This is so wild and crazy! Who could have or would have thought it up. No one, except Him. He made me and He made you. He provided a way for my heart and yours to be cleansed from all filthiness and every single thing that keeps us far from Him because He wanted us to be near to Him, to fellowship with Him, to be His children, His beloved, His friends.

This is astounding, confounding, and just plain breathtaking!

This is one small snapshot of the extravagant, abundant, beautiful, truly wonderful G-d we’ve been rescued by. Thank You Abba!

Breathe it in and have a wonderful Sabbath.

Shabbat Shalom to those who celebrate!


friend of G-d – day 17

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

31 Days edit big

Today’s Prompt:Long

friend of G-d

We’re in this for the long haul
There is a drawing, a compelling, a desire in the heart of G-d
That we would draw in, that we would come near

The living G-d draws us in and longs for us to come close
He draws us near to speak tenderly to our hearts
He brings us close to share His secrets
He shares His secrets with His friends

May we be friends of G-d
May we long to be close to His heart daily
May we be trustworthy with all He shares with us

Abba, show me the deepest things on Your heart
“Daughter,” He says, “I’ll show You what I ache for, what I long for, if you’re willing.”
“Please Abba, I want to be close to You,” was my response.

I opened up the Word and Israel is what He showed me
He put Israel within my heart in order that I may share in His
The people, the place, the Land, His covenants
“Israel, my beloved one, is My firstborn son. I ache and I long to bring Israel back to Me.
The people of Israel are deep within My heart, and I want to share that with you, my precious daughter.”

And the story goes,
He offered me His heart,
He showed me a bit of the deep unto deep
He shared a secret of His heart
I said, “yes” to this calling for which I am called
Daily sharing heart to heart
Daily crying out, waiting, watching, praying
that Israel may come home to Abba

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aching with G-d – day 10

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

31 Days edit big

Today’s Prompt: Care

aching with G-d

The life of an intercessor
Joining with Your heart
Joining with Your prayers

Waiting, watching, hoping, praying
Absolutely lost, finished,
if You do not answer

A life of desperation
and a life of aching with Him
Acutely caring for the things on His heart
The place of the heart being yoked with the only One
Who can take the burden and share His holy longing

Where are the wailing women today?
Where are those whose lives are marked by weeping and tears,
for the sake of the children, for the sake of Your people?

For the hurt of the daughter of my people I am hurt 1
It is the sound of Rachel weeping for her children
because they are no more 2

Abba, awaken our hearts to see and know,
To love and care,
To carry and be carried by You in the deep unto deep of Your heart
and Your burden

Let me be so close to You,
Hidden in Your heart

Share Your heart with me
I want to bridge the gap

Wail, cry, mourn, rejoice,
Agree with You
Bring redemption nigh, Abba
For Israel, Your Son
And for the sake of the whole earth
That You may be satisfied

1 Jeremiah 8:21
2 Jeremiah 31:15

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joined with You – day 9

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

31 Days edit big

Joined with You

I ponder my journey with You
Day by day
You call me nearer, You draw me deeper
You continuously allow me to join in Your heart

In times of trial and challenge,
In times of prosperity,
You ask me if I want to come nearer

You heart is wide open for me to come in to
You ask me to join with You in those places many will not go

As an intercessor
Standing, waiting, believing
How can I not say, “Yes”
How can I not join with You
For You’ve captivated my heart
And You’ve brought me into this love incomprehensible
And You’ve shown me Your desire

So pray,
These things
For Israel
I will do
All of my days
For this is all about You
This is all about Your desire
Persuaded by Your heart
Here I am
I am Yours
Use Me for Yourself,
I am joined together with You,
Together with Israel in this story
Written by Your hand

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