Hidden in Abba

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Abba and little girl walked and talked. They were having a wonderful day together by the sea.

“Abba, can I stay at with you forever? I love your house and I love getting to spend time with you every single day.”

Abba picked little girl up and embraced her. He was moved at her request, “Of course, sweet girl. You are my daughter now and you are always welcome in my home!”

Abba set little girl back down again and took her hand. They continued walking along the ocean shore. As they walked, the waves grew stronger and stronger. Little girl loved this but was also a little bit afraid of the vast expanse of water and the crashing sound as one wave after another came closer.

Little girl held up her arms to Abba. He picked her up again. She laid her head on his shoulder and watched the heavy waters come closer one at a time with a cadence filled with power.

Abba held onto little girl tightly. He knew she was trying to be courageous despite still feeling scared.

In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me;
He shall set me high upon a rock. Psalm 27

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Getting Ready – The Next Step


What could be written about that brings more cheer than Abba’s love for His children. What could bring greater joy than knowing you have a father – a really, really good Father.

Getting Ready – The Next Step

Little girl decided she was ready for the next step on the journey. Abba had invited her, step by step, and they had gone on some adventures.

This adventure was different. This step was new. The journey was steady but this step would prove to be unique and wonderful for little girl.

Abba told little girl to pack all of her swimming gear and her favorite clothes for playing outside. Little girl was so excited at Abba’s instructions.

Little girl couldn’t wait to go swimming – she loved the freedom and lightness she felt as she moved swiftly through the water. She could do so many things in the water she couldn’t do on land.

“What are you thinking about? Your smile is covering your whole face!” Abba said, utterly delighted to see such joy on little girl’s face.

“I love swimming! I remember all the fun times I had swimming in the pool and in the lake. I’m so excited we get to swim!”

“I’m happy that you are happy, little girl. We’re going to have a wonderful time together. I can’t wait to introduce you to the waves and the ocean! This will be something new and different. You will love it!” Abba spoke these words, matching little girl’s excitement and joy with every single word.

“I can’t wait! I love you, Abba,” little girl said as she recalled the pictures she’d seen of the ocean shores and the huge crashing waves.

Abba and little girl would soon be in the midst of a unique and life-changing experience for little girl. Abba knew it. Little girl was just excited to go. She loved adventures with Abba.

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Taking in the Sea

Little girl ran up and down the shores of the waters that seemed to go on and on. She looked out upon the waves rolling in one after another. She ran towards them and then away again. She did this over and over and over again, intoxicated at the movement and the sound of the sea. She loved the sea more than just about anything.

Little girl ran and played and splashed in the water with no fear. She knew the sea was much greater than her. She knew she could jump in the water and be swallowed up in a moment. Yet she had no fear anymore because she had learned to respect the vast sea itself. One day the waves had nearly overcome her. From that day on little girl comprehended the power and might of the sea. She knew she couldn’t come to the sea on her own terms but only on the terms of the might hidden beneath the waters.

Step by vibrant step, little girl ran upon the sand that had been hardened as the waves crashed upon it time and time again. As she ran she felt abundant freedom. The freedom was similar to what she had known when she was naïve to the power the sea contained. Yet she wasn’t naïve anymore. She knew and respected its power and she ran in uncontained exhilaration at its shores.

Little girl had grown and learned so much. She loved the sea and she loved the dry land. She loved to live and breathe and take all the goodness in. She also loved to run and play and study and give herself to the new life she’d been given freely by Abba.

Wide Open Sea


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 29: Sea

Little girl woke up and she ran to the porch. She looked out far beyond her usual gaze and saw the sea in the distance, past the grassy hills and the tall trees. For some reason, she had never noticed it before today.

She looked back at Abba and saw the delight in his face at her excitement over this newfound discovery. Little girl had always loved the waters and the waves and the sea and now she realized they were closer than she had thought.

Abba knew this about little girl. He knew how exciting this was for her. He anticipated the day he would take her to visit the sea.

Little girl was content to study the beautiful waters that reminded her of forever. Whenever she looked at the wide open sea, she knew there was much more to life than what she understood. She was excited to explore it with Abba one day.

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Abba’s Care

Abba, I Belong to You 4

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 22: Value

Little girl sat on the wood steps overlooking the grassy hills and trees right next to Abba. She had so many questions and so many thoughts and she knew Abba knew the answers to her questions.

Little girl woke up with the waves and the sea on her mind. She asked Abba all about it and when he spoke about these things it seemed like he felt the thunderous waves inside and out just like she did. This wasn’t a distant memory for Abba either. Little girl wondered about this. She didn’t realize that he would know exactly how she had felt.

Little girl asked questions. Abba looked at her, caring about every question and concern and every hope and fear in little girl’s heart. He valued her heart far beyond her comprehension. He seemed to know her so well and to care about every little detail that she cared about.

Little girl asked Abba about the waves and as Abba spoke every little bit of fear left her heart. She only had excitement left at the thoughts of the mighty waves she had seen and experienced in real life and in her dreams.

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Crashing Waves


Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 21: Wave

Little girl tossed and turned. Then she woke up and sat straight up in bed, wondering where she was. Little girl had dreamt about waves all of her life. She loved water and loved the ocean.

Little girl had seen the roar of the stormy seas from before she could articulate what the sea was. She felt great fear and great excitement as she literally felt the the rumble of the waves crashing on the open shore. This feeling she remembered inside and out. It stayed with her.

Little girl woke up having dreamt of the ocean shore and the waves crashing one after another after another. She knew the waves were strong enough and close enough to cause damage but she also knew she would be okay.

With the memory of the seashore in the front of her mind, she looked around her room. She realized that she’d forgotten to ask Abba about the waves and the stormy seas. She decided today would be the day. She was excited to talk with him about this.

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