Tears of Surrender


“Abba, what’s happening? Why does it seem like you’ve left? Why can’t I find you?” little girl said in a sad quiet tone. She mostly was talking to herself as she stared at the ground, not seeing the fresh green grass or the caterpillar climbing on the top of the highest blade of grass.

“Little girl, were you talking to me?” Abba asked, the soft gentle tone of his voice bringing a peace to little girl’s heart that she didn’t know she’d lost.

“Abba, you’re here!” little girl exclaimed with surprise, “Where were you? I couldn’t find you.”

“I know, sweet girl. I know. I love you so much and I am right here with you. I never left.”

“Really?” Little girl responded with surprise in her voice. “I couldn’t find you. I thought you had something more important to do. I got so scared.”

As little girl said these words the tears began to flow freely down little girl’s face one by one by one. She couldn’t quite comprehend what had happened and why she was so sad.

“I’ll never leave you, my sweet girl. I’ll never forsake you. Do you believe me?” Abba said as he picked her up and held her close, wiping every single tear away.

Little girl buried her head in Abba’s chest and shook her head in acknowledgment of what he had just asked her. “Yes, Abba, I believe you,” she said not wanting to move her head away from his chest.

Little girl wanted to stay right there forever.

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Abba’s Delight


“Hey little girl, we’re on a journey. Remember?” Abba said to little girl as she stared at the ground, her face downcast.

She looked up at Abba, considering what he had said. “I remember. I do. It’s a journey and you’re with me on this journey. But Abba, can’t it be a little easier?”

Abba looked down at little girl and saw one tear after another slowly falling down her cheeks. He saw her tears and he saw her struggles. Most of all He saw her heart and he knew how much she loved him.

Abba loved little girl so. He delighted in her and he knew she would stay the course with him.

Joy Afresh


“Abba,” little girl said with joy and even some laughter as she awoke from a dream in which she felt Abba’s love afresh. In little girl’s dream she had been running and playing and swimming, and even surfing in the ocean with Abba.

Abba was standing in the doorway as little girl opened her eyes, realizing she had been dreaming. Abba looked at little girl and his heart overflowed with delight. He loved her so far beyond words or description. He loved his children in a way so few comprehended. As he thought about his little ones, tears began to form in his eyes.

Little girl looked up and saw Abba and realized she had been dreaming. She smiled and jumped out of bed. She ran up to Abba, feeling so much love for him.

“Little girl, how would like to run and play and swim, and maybe even surf in the ocean with me today?” Abba asked her with a glimmer in his eyes. Little girl knew that Abba somehow knew what her dream had been and he also knew what made her heart soar.

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Hey Little Girl

“Hey little girl,” Abba said as little girl stared up at him with a restless look, waiting to hear what he would say to her.

“Be still. Peace is yours, my sweet girl. You have nothing to fear or worry about. I have it all figured out. I’ll tell you when it’s time. Let’s go on a little walk,” with that Abba turned around and began to walk towards the beautiful hills, taking one large step at a time. He would turn around to make sure little girl was following and she did. She was so close behind him almost stepping on the backs of his heels to keep up with him.

“Little girl, I see your heart. This isn’t too difficult. I have a wonderful plan for you. I know you’ve been waiting all this time and wanting all that I have for you. I know. I understand. I remember the time. I won’t forget about you or leave you behind. Just follow me. I have wonderful things in store for you, wonderful things.”

“Are you sure, Abba?” Little girl said quietly, wondering about what Abba had just said and remembering the difficulties of her earlier years.

“Little girl, come here,” Abba spoke these words and picked her up. He held her tightly in his arms once again. Little’s girls tears came down one after another as she let go and let him show her once again how much he loved her.


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Just when little girl thought it all was too much and she wasn’t sure if she would make it through the terrible storm, a wave of grace came and picked her up. This happened time and time again.

When the tears seemed enough for her to swim in, something shifted and her heart found renewed life. Her heart was renewed as she remembered how much Abba loved her. Her soul found life when she recalled that Abba was her father for good.

When the clouds and the rains seemed to muddle her mind, little girl remembered her adoption day. She remembered how Abba had reassured her of his great love for her time and time again.


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Love Beyond Measure


“Abba?” little girl looked up at Abba intently.

“Yes, little girl,” Abba answered, seeing the question and concern in little girl’s eyes. As soon as Abba saw this, little girl became anxious and looked away from these eyes that always exuded tenderness and kindness.

“I get so worried sometimes that I’m going to mess up and fail. I don’t want to disappoint you and make you sad that you adopted me,” tears formed in little girl’s eyes as she put words to the deep concerns that nearly overtook her heart every once in awhile.

“Little girl, look at me,” Abba spoke softly and took little girl’s face in his hands and turned her eyes back to his. “I love you, little girl. I chose you. Do you realize that I wanted you to be my daughter way before you were even born? Do you know that I’ve always loved you despite your fears and sadness and mistakes? You can’t cause me to love you any less. I’m not disappointed in you, or sad I adopted you, not at all! I’m so happy that you’re my daughter. I’m so proud of how you’re growing and learning to trust me more. I’m so excited about who you’re becoming. Little girl, I love you beyond measure the way you are, today. I’ve loved you beyond measure for such a long time.”

As Abba spoke, the sadness on little girl’s face slowly faded away and was replaced with a smile that came from the inside out. Her eyes were full of life as she received all that Abba spoke to her.


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Much More Than Enough

“Abba, why don’t you get upset with me and punish me when I make a mistake? Why don’t you get angry and impatient with me when I’m slow to come to you?”

Little girl had gone over these thoughts and questions in her mind and heart time and time again. Abba responded to her so differently than the other fathers and mothers in her life had responded to her. Abba was never impatient with her. He was so different than the rest.

Finally, little girl felt compelled to ask him, and so she did.

Abba came down to little girl’s level and locked eyes with her, “Why would I get upset and angry with you? Why would I be impatient with you when I know you want to come straight to me yet you’re afraid? Why would I punish you when you’re just a child wanting to trust in my love for you? I have plenty of time, and plenty of patience, and plenty of love for you. Always remember this.”

With that, Abba picked little girl up and held her tight. He carried her again, like he said he would.


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