Passover – A Time to Remember (& Celebrate)

Passover (Pesach) – A Time to Remember (& Celebrate)

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Photo credit © 2016 JupiterImages Corporation

The remembrance draws near
A day marking
The beginning of promises long unfulfilled
To remember and to be thankful
To hold the desires for hope and peace near

To recall
The mighty exodus
Out of generations of slavery
Into generations of promise

What a story
What a hope
Blood on the lintels
Rushed, hurried

A centuries-old ache for this suffering to end
Nearly missed the coming hope

Despondency and bondage
Etched upon the souls
Making “the shema” so hard to conceive of
So challenging to believe

Will this suffering ever end?
Will we ever be free?

Promise and covenant long forgotten
By the multitude of children
But remembered by the One

A deliverer chosen
An unworthy man slow of speech rises
A man arguing with the Almighty rises

What should I tell them?
Will they believe me?
What if it gets worse for them?
What then, O G-d, what then?

Stop arguing with Me

I hear the groaning of My people
I remember My covenant
I see them
I know their sorrows
I am finished with this cruel bondage
My people have undergone

Answer that it is I who have heard their groaning
It is I who have heard their cry
The G-d of their fathers
Tell them it is I who will deliver

The story progresses
Larger than life
Greater than anything the world
Had ever seen before
Or has seen since

The One
The Father
Whose children
Were suffering under cruelty and sadness
Would wait no longer

The day came
The deliverer arose
The blood of the lamb on the doorposts
Covering them

The mass exodus
Out of Egypt
Out of bondage

Running away from slavery
Towards a promise
And a hope
Nearly forgotten
Nearly replaced with emptiness and pain

Yet remembered
Still remembered
By the One
Who gave the promise
And gives the hope

Remember today
The deliverance
Given through
The promise,
The hope

When He saw you in bondage
And heard your cries
He remembered
And He answered

Happy Passover & Chag Pesach Sameach!


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Poem based on excerpts from Exodus 2 – 15.

For more on the Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread see Exodus 12 – 13, Leviticus 23 or Ezekiel 45.

“The Shema” is the most famous Biblical prayer/confession for the Jewish community worldwide throughout most of its history. It is prayed twice a day by many and on holidays and the Sabbath. It is found in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. For more info check out

I am joining with for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

The prompt is Unite.

To be honest, I wrote longer than five minutes and didn’t mention “unite” although it was in my mind relating to the Passover story, deliverance and redemption. Enjoy!

His Nearness

I am joining with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

Today’s prompt is:



His Nearness

I run around trying to get it all together,
to be more in order, more put together,
more perfect for when You come

The clutter, oh the clutter
Pick it up, put it away, go through it later
The rhythm
Pick it up, put it away, take it back out
and go through it later

Is that what I do for You?
You knock on the door of my heart
You beckon me, “Come”
Yet, somehow I still want to pick up the mess of my heart
and hide it so that we can really enjoy our time together
because somewhere deep down inside
I believe that Your enjoyment of me
depends on me being good

But who are You?
My mother, my older sister, the friend I’m trying to impress
With my external neatness
When inside I’m anything but that

I remember again,
It’s none of those people
Coming for a visit

Rather, it’s the One who loves me most
He loves me despite myself
It’s the one whose love covers my clutter and brokenness
and moment by moment His whisper frees my soul
and I am less afraid to come near

You knock on the door
Desiring to come to me, to visit me
My heart is awake
Your call stirs me

Your love quickens reality within
I get up
I open the door
The clutter remains
You come in
You visit me
You show me how precious I am to You
There is no turning back
Your love frees me
Your love cleanses me

There is nothing more beautiful
than this
The visitation of G-d upon the soul
The nearness of G-d that is my only good

SOS 5:2

hearts in communion – day 27

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

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Today’s Prompt: Free

hearts in communion

Abba, set our hearts free to walk with You,
to love You,
to carry Your burden,
to agree with Your heart

Your people Israel are so close to Your heart
and Your desire is towards them and for them
Give us hearts like Yours, longing for Your people
to be close to You,
Loving until it hurts,
Partnering with You for the fullness, the freedom
of Your people Israel forever

You are good to Your people Israel
You are setting Your people free
and You will help them to love You
Undeniably, unconditionally, eternally,
You will have a people free to love You
Free to carry Your heart
Free to serve You wholeheartedly,
in total abandonment

You are good and Your mercy endures forever
Thank You for loving this people
and paying the price
that they would be free

Thank You for giving hearts of flesh for hearts of stone
to love You wholeheartedly, to serve You with hearts free

For Day 23 Will you watch for an hour?
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For Day 26 as their hearts turn towards You

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His love is enough – day 14

Joining the 31 Day online writing challenge

Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

31 Days edit big

Today’s Prompt: Away

His love is enough

I can’t run away
from You,
From Your unrelenting, persevering love
Your love chases me down
When I’m not sure if anyone’s there
or if anyone cares,
Your love wraps all around me
You bring me to my knees
My heart feels Your mercy
The tears begin to fall
No matter the pain, or darkness,
No matter the anguish I’ve known
Your love reaches me
Your love chases me down

You have a son, Father
Your son is Israel
He cannot, will not get away from Your love
Abba, Father
If Your love is enough for me
Your love is enough
Your love is more than enough for Your beloved Son
Your beautiful one
Abba, may Your lovingkindness that chases me down
Bring Your people near once again
May Your tender mercy fall upon their hearts
May Your beautiful love draw them in
Abba, Your love is enough
For all of Israel’s pain and suffering

Israel, He sees, He knows, He comprehends all your ways
Let Him in again
He will heal Your broken heart
He will comfort your shaken soul
He is enough
And His desire is for you, O Israel
Abba longs that you come home

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A Simple Prayer

I think I need to ask You
to help me

I think I just won’t
Just can’t
Make it much further
On my own

I fall upon You
I lean into You
I cannot do it

The same aches
The same loss
Tears at my soul
For the hundredth time
and I can’t seem to
be free

I come to You again
I cry out to You again
I need to You
to help me

G-d of the least

surely He will come to all who are thirsty, hungry, needy. surely He will deliver the brokenhearted. surely I am not alone in clinging to G-d and desiring that these things be true and relevant, even for the weakest ones.

will You come and meet the least. will You come and bring life to those who are dying. will You really bind up the brokenhearted and free the captives. will You heal the hearts of the long-afflicted. can you still soothe Israel’s wounds. surely Your justice will not fail. surely it will come. surely You will come and You will deliver.

I choose to believe You will Father and care for the fatherless and the widow in her distress. I believe You can and will free the oppressed. I choose to trust and cling to the goodness and faithfulness of who You are. You are faithful to Israel and You will be faithful to me and all who have desperate need of You.