friend of G-d – day 17

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friend of G-d

We’re in this for the long haul
There is a drawing, a compelling, a desire in the heart of G-d
That we would draw in, that we would come near

The living G-d draws us in and longs for us to come close
He draws us near to speak tenderly to our hearts
He brings us close to share His secrets
He shares His secrets with His friends

May we be friends of G-d
May we long to be close to His heart daily
May we be trustworthy with all He shares with us

Abba, show me the deepest things on Your heart
“Daughter,” He says, “I’ll show You what I ache for, what I long for, if you’re willing.”
“Please Abba, I want to be close to You,” was my response.

I opened up the Word and Israel is what He showed me
He put Israel within my heart in order that I may share in His
The people, the place, the Land, His covenants
“Israel, my beloved one, is My firstborn son. I ache and I long to bring Israel back to Me.
The people of Israel are deep within My heart, and I want to share that with you, my precious daughter.”

And the story goes,
He offered me His heart,
He showed me a bit of the deep unto deep
He shared a secret of His heart
I said, “yes” to this calling for which I am called
Daily sharing heart to heart
Daily crying out, waiting, watching, praying
that Israel may come home to Abba

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