Take Your Place

Take your place, my love
Follow after me

Are you weary?
Are you broken?
Are you unsure and insecure?
Come after Me
Run after Me, My love

I never expected you to be ready and righteous
When I came after you
I never expected you to know what I wanted from you
When I chased you down

Run after Me, My beloved, My fair one
Better than life is my love
Better than the finest wine
Am I

I await you
I will not tarry
I wait for you
My love
My dove
My fairest one

Today, run to me
This day, come to me
My love is better, greater, higher
Than you could ever imagine

out of darkness – day 1

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Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Abba’s Heartbeat for Israel

31 Days edit

Today’s prompt: Move

Out of Darkness

Moved out of darkness and into light revealed
His heart revealed in the holiest of ways
in the song, the song of His heart for a people
A love song so holy to His heart
He only shares it when we come near
when we lay our head upon His chest,
and listen, and hear

The heartbeat of Abba
so subtle, so deep, so real

What does Your heart feel, Abba?
What is Your heartbeat?
What is on Your heart?

“My people,” He whispers
“You mean me?” I ask
He kindly gently whispers, “Oh how I love you, yet My heart beats still for a people the church has forgotten. I love you so. Let me show you my heart for My beloved Israel.”
“Wow, ok. I want to know Your heart. Please show me,” I respond.

So the journey begins
Out of arrogance and ignorance
Into love for a people You love and deeply desire
Your firstborn people, Your son Israel

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