Safety in the Storm

Abba, I Belong to You Safety

Writing Every Day for Thirty-One Days
Encountering Abba’s Heart

Day 12: Storm

Little girl woke up to the sound of pelting rain and thunder booming in the distance. She was thrilled yet somewhat frightened at the storm outside. She always got excited when she saw the storm clouds and heard the thunder. When the wind began to pick up and the lightning and thunder came closer, she would want to hide.

In the children’s home where she had lived for six months, most of the other children would cry during the storms and no one would comfort them. She felt very sad as she thought about this. She felt sad for the other little children who hadn’t been able to come to Abba’s house. She felt sad that they didn’t have moms or dads who would take care of them.

Little girl became a little overwhelmed by these thoughts. Abba came to check on her. She was very glad Abba had come. He sat beside her bed and she jumped into his lap as a tumultuous clap of thunder reverberated in little girl’s ears. He held her and she felt safe.

When the storm quieted, she told Abba about the other little children. Abba listened intently to little girl as she shared. Abba told little girl that he was glad she had talked to him about this and that he was going to care for these little children too.

Little girl felt so much better that Abba was going to care for her little friends. Little girl fell fast asleep in Abba’s arms and he tucked her back in her bed as the storm quieted.

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