Joy Afresh


“Abba,” little girl said with joy and even some laughter as she awoke from a dream in which she felt Abba’s love afresh. In little girl’s dream she had been running and playing and swimming, and even surfing in the ocean with Abba.

Abba was standing in the doorway as little girl opened her eyes, realizing she had been dreaming. Abba looked at little girl and his heart overflowed with delight. He loved her so far beyond words or description. He loved his children in a way so few comprehended. As he thought about his little ones, tears began to form in his eyes.

Little girl looked up and saw Abba and realized she had been dreaming. She smiled and jumped out of bed. She ran up to Abba, feeling so much love for him.

“Little girl, how would like to run and play and swim, and maybe even surf in the ocean with me today?” Abba asked her with a glimmer in his eyes. Little girl knew that Abba somehow knew what her dream had been and he also knew what made her heart soar.

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Just when little girl thought it all was too much and she wasn’t sure if she would make it through the terrible storm, a wave of grace came and picked her up. This happened time and time again.

When the tears seemed enough for her to swim in, something shifted and her heart found renewed life. Her heart was renewed as she remembered how much Abba loved her. Her soul found life when she recalled that Abba was her father for good.

When the clouds and the rains seemed to muddle her mind, little girl remembered her adoption day. She remembered how Abba had reassured her of his great love for her time and time again.


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“Abba, can I just sit with you for awhile today?” Little girl said, standing right beside Abba’s chair. The look in little girl’s face was uneasy and almost distant as she waited to hear his response.

“Of course you can. You know you’re always welcome to sit with me, always welcome!” Abba said as he motioned her to jump up on his lap. “Why are you sad today, little girl?”

“I’m not sad, I mean, I’m just thinking about some things,” little girl almost stuttered through the words. Little girl had learned that Abba would always receive her, not begrudgingly out of duty but rather because he wanted to. She also knew he loved her a lot.

Despite what she had come to understand, little girl was afraid to share her heart with Abba today. She was nervous that he would not continue loving her because she still felt so insecure. She wondered if he would tire of her brokenness the way many before him had tired of her.

“Little girl, I’m not like them. I’m not like all the others. I’m not angry with you or sick of you because your heart hurts. I love you exactly the way you are today. You are not too much, my sweet girl, you are not too much. I love you beyond your comprehension and my love doesn’t wane.”

Abba held little girl tight as the tears of joy and sadness mixed together rolled down her face.

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There is a heartbeat beating – ba boom, ba boom, ba boom. It is the heartbeat of the creator. It is the heartbeat of the one God. It is the heartbeat of Abba.

There is an ache inside the one and only God who created all things.

He created the molecules that make up the elements within the air that I breathe. He created the raw material that makes up my physical heart that beats and pumps blood and causes me to exist. He created my emotions, my soul, every part of me that feels and desires and wills and wants. This was brought into existence because of his desire. By his will I exist. Every part of my life that speaks, speaks because of his plan and his longing for me.

By his will you exist. You live and breathe and have being because God himself wanted you here. Every living being was created by God. Every person on the earth today, throughout history and for the rest of the existence of humanity was created by God. Whether you love him, you hate him, or you want him not to exist, he made you and he wants you still. You can wish he wasn’t there because of the suffering of your life, but you cannot will him away. He exists and he will always exist. He never did not exist.

All the brilliant thoughts of man are incomparable to the reality that we think because God is. He created and stewarded our minds to think. He fashioned and formed all humanity in his own image. You think because he is. You feel because he is. You live because he wanted you to live. You are a part of his family because he desired you to be. He wanted every human he created to be a part of his family because he is Abba. He is a father in his very essence.

He will continue to exist far beyond my life, your life and the lives of all those yet to be born. All things exist because of him. Everything good exists because of him. The ability to offer your love to him was given by him. The ability to love at all was instilled inside of us by him because we’ve been made like him. He is our creator and he is a father and he is the only one good. Nothing apart from him is good on its own. He gave us the ability to love him. He gave us the intent of heart and the emotions within to love. Love is from God and he loves us as his creation. He wants us to offer ourselves back to him freely in love because of the love he showed to us.

He gave us love, life and the ability to freely choose him. The choice between life and death, good and evil were given by him. Choose to love him. Choose life and good. Choose to follow him all the days of your life.

Abba’s Love – the antidote for fear

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Encountering Abba’s Heart

Despite everything Abba had done for little girl and despite her experience of his love for her, she still battled deep fear that Abba would leave her. Little girl’s fears were not evidential on a daily basis but they were very real and very tangible at times to little girl’s heart.

Most mornings little girl woke up and ran to be with Abba. She ran and jumped in his lap without even thinking twice about it. Her heart knew what was true even though her mind sometimes wandered to the past and doubt crept in, causing her to wonder if Abba’s words and love were authentic.

Little girl was mostly convinced of Abba’s love for her but some days she let fear lead her rather than trusting her heart as her heart trusted Abba. Those days were difficult and little girl didn’t like these days. Yet she knew she needed Abba to help her overcome her fears.

One day when this happened, little girl decided to run right to Abba and talk to him about all of it.

“Abba, would you help me if I come talk to you when I’m the most scared. I get so scared sometimes that you might forget me or leave me but you won’t, will you?” Little girl questioned with apprehension in her heart. “I know you won’t leave me but sometimes I just get so scared that you will. I’m sorry.”

As little girl shared, tears welled up in her eyes and began to stream down her rosy cheeks.

Abba knelt down in front of little girl. He caressed her head and wiped each of her cheeks with his hands. Then Abba took both of her hands in his. He looked right in little girl’s eyes and spoke straight to her heart.

“I love you, little girl. I love you so much and I will never leave you and I will never forsake you. I understand you. Please come to me when you’re afraid. I won’t reject you or be upset with you when you’re scared. You’re my little girl. You’re my daughter. I know what you’ve been through and I know everything about you. I know that you love me and that you want to trust me with all of your heart. I know you so well and I delight in you because you’re mine. You’re my little girl and no one can take you away from me. You don’t disappoint me when you’re afraid. You don’t upset me when you get distracted. This is a journey and I love you so much and I will help you. Your fears are not too much for me. I know your heart for me. I know you love me and I know you’ve given me all that you can. You’re my favorite and you’re all mine. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.”

Abba’s words touched little girl’s heart. She felt his love for her when he spoke word after word of affirmation and life to her. His words were like water quenching a thirst. They were like food answering hunger pangs long ignored.

With each word, it Abba’s love overcame the fears in little girl’s heart. She felt so safe with Abba. Her heart filled up with peace and her rosy cheeks beamed with joy as she stared at Abba while the words Abba had spoken began to speak to deep places in little girl’s being.

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A Father’s Love

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A Father’s Love

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Encountering Abba’s Heart

Little girl was so excited for another day with Abba. She woke up anticipating what they would do and what Abba would teach her today.

Little girl learned new things each and every day from Abba. Most of all she learned how much Abba cared for her and wanted her around just to be with him.

Little girl was learning what a real father’s love was like. Little girl’s experience with fathers and those who took care of her had been inconsistent at best. Now little girl was learning something different. She was learning something that was changing her deep within.

Little girl ran and sat in Abba’s lap. She was thankful to be with her father.

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Running into Abba’s Love

I am joining with for Five Minute Friday. The goal is to write for five minutes about a word. No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.

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father-and-child - Version 2

Little girl and Abba took a walk to the edge of the sea not so far from home. Little girl had seen the sea once in the distance from Abba’s house. You couldn’t really see it unless you looked for it.

Little girl loved the water and was excited it was so near. At the same time, she was a bit afraid of it as well. The waves and water were amazing but overwhelming at times.

“Little girl, do you see that hill over there? The best view of the sea is from the top of that hill,” Abba said as he pointed towards the gorgeous cliff overlooking the sea.

Little girl looked and saw exactly what Abba was talking about. She looked at the cliff and then looked away and buried her face in Abba’s pants. She loved the idea of that beautiful lookout but she was desperately afraid of it at the same time.

Little girl knew this was the beginning of a new season for her. She would face her fears in a way she hadn’t quite done before. This time Abba would be right beside her. She knew she could do it because she knew Abba would help her every step of the way.

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